Tips for the Homeowner from the MRS- Winter

With winter approaching, this is a great time to protect your home from those harsh winds, storms, and cold temperatures. Maintaining a home properly protects your greatest asset!

These are just a few tips for easy maintenance to shield your house and keep your investment safe:
–Check your HVAC filters and change every 30 days (keeps dust from spreading all over the house and keeps your HVAC unit in great working order)
–Insulate your windows and doors, by replacing worn seals and sweeps (keeps the warm air in during the winter and the cold air out)
–Check the caulking on the exterior of your windows. Re-caulk if needed (another cold air leakage area)
–Check every faucet for any leakage. Valves and connectors do break after time. Pipes do become loose. With temperatures dropping, be sure to shut off your faucets on the outside to prevent freezing pipes.
–Power wash mold or mildew from your siding or bricks. Now would be a good time to evaluate the need to power wash and re-seal your decking before we approach the really cold weather.
–Make sure all your smoke detectors are working properly. Check batteries or test them if hard-wired.
–Hire a good pest control company to treat your home and grounds each quarter.
–Repair any rotted wood on the exterior and make sure a qualified contractor uses primed wood and caulks properly. Caulking around windows also protects the window from water damage during storms.
–Clean out your gutters and check your downspouts to assure proper water flow.
–Inspect your electrical panel(s). Feel for excessive heat or signs of damage
–Check around the exterior of your home for dead trees that may fall and damage your home.
–Evaluate windows for broken glass and have it repaired before freezing temperatures.
–Do a walk around: walk around your home and look for anything worn or out of the ordinary and have it repaired.

A home is an investment that can depreciate in value without proper care and maintenance. Stay ahead of any problems and your investment will be protected!

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